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Welcome again, my fellow gamblers!

This time I will not be calling your perros and will not be having a lot of humour here. That is because we are going to be talking about a subject that is very serious and very important. That is online gambling and all of its perils… Then again, why not crack a few jokes, still? Making light of heavy subjects can be refreshing and make us enjoy our life more, even with all of its bad sides!

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I am not going to go too deep into gambling addiction or anything that serious here. Instead, I am going to talk about losing money and wanting to play more than is good for you. So yes, some people could even call this gambling addiction, but I would call it being a human. Let me elaborate on this once we get in deeper…
There is a line (no matter how fine) between normal gaming and problem gaming

What are some of the signs that can tell you that you are suffering from gambling addiction? I think most of us have seen the list of all the characteristics involved and it can get pretty deep. Still, I would like to give my 5 cents here…

I think even most quote-on-quote normal casino players sometimes struggle with the allure of free money and easy wins. That is to say that sometimes succumbing to play more than we originally thought is very normal. Heck, I bet the vast majority of us has sometimes just lost what they deposited and went back to deposit more straight away! That especially happens when we arm ourselves with, say, 50 pounds and are expecting to have a good time. Then, all of a sudden we find ourselves with an empty balance just 15 minutes in. That is when we might feel like we were basically robbed and deposit another fifty.

Sure enough, gambling addiction is a matter that should not be made fun of by any means, but we should not think that every casino gamer is addicted or anything like that. Still, this just goes to show that the line between normal gaming and gambling addiction is fine and we should really try to limit our gambling when we feel like we are getting too into it.

The more you want it — the less you should indulge

When talking about addiction, I think that we should really gauge how we are feeling about certain things. For instance, if you are just dying to buy that bag of crips, it probably means that you are pretty addicted to them and perhaps should not buy them. After all, most things in life are supposed to just make you a little bit happier or more satisfied with your life, not to make your day or be the difference between a nice evening and a piss-poor evening! Thus, it is extremely important to limit even your gambling if you feel like it is something that you really should do. It is when you try not to do something that you realise how addicted to this something you might be!

Stay safe, perros! Do not think for one second that you are invincible to the throes of addiction! No one in this world is untouchable, no matter what kind of demons we are talking about!

If you feel like you really need some help, be sure to contact a professional!