Online (Video) Slots: how does it work?!

How do online slots work?

Online slots exist in many different types and can be played in many different ways. At most online casinos you will at least encounter classic slots, 3D slots and video slots. Classic slots are the most basic type of slots, 3D slots contain great graphics and video slots offer the most advanced possibilities. It’s up to you what you prefer! The selection of slots is already enormous; however, it keeps on growing and growing every day. That is what makes it so difficult to describe all the different aspects of slots that are available nowadays. However, most slots have certain features in common. Those features will be discussed to provide you with an overview of things you can expect while playing slots!

Features of slots

The most basic features of slots are its reels and (win) lines. The number of reels is the number of rolls that are spinning and contain the symbols. Classic slots sometimes have only three of them, whereas video slots and 3D slots are usually played with six reels. Win lines are defined by valid series of symbols. Those win lines occur in diagonal, horizontal and vertical orientations. Some slots know a maximum of thirty lines. To get the best player experience it is recommended to play with the maximum number of lines at all times.


A wild can be referred to as a sort of joker that can replace any symbol. The good thing is that it also counts for more than one line when creating series of symbols. Most video slots work with wilds nowadays. Besides the regular wilds, also a walking wild, expanding wild and stacked wild exist. The walking wild will continuously move one reel until it leaves the field. This means that this wild will be available for several spins in a row and could help you to get more win lines. The expanding wild expands itself to the symbols around it that all of a sudden can also turn into wild symbols, increasing your chances of getting a win line. Lastly, if a wild appears on three vertical rolls it is called a stacked wild. The function of a stacked wild depends on the type of slot. Sometimes it might start a bonus game, however, it might also contain a free spin function.

h3>Bonus symbols: Scatters and Free Spins

Scatter symbols are special symbols that commonly point out to an opportunity of gaining free spins. In case of spinning three scatters, free spins will be distributed. Normally, those scatters do not have to appear in series, but can appear anywhere along the reels. Besides gaining free spins through scatters, it is also possible to earn free spins by making a deposit. When earning free spins you do not have to pay for spinning the reels. Usually you will be able to use them during bonus rounds, in which case you will also get in touch with multipliers. Multipliers will cause your winnings to be increased several times. It is highly recommended to look for slots that work with free spins!

What types of slots do exist?

As mentioned above, most online casinos offer at least three types of slots. The fun part of 3D slots is that symbols are actually approaching you. Moreover, those games usually contain special sound effects. Frankenslot’s Monster, 4Seasons and Greedy Goblins are examples of popular 3D Slots. The main differences between classic slots and video slots are related themes and features. While classic slots are mostly simplistic and won’t offer loads of special features, are video slots commonly theme-related and offer a bunch of special features. A special type of slots are nude slots. Those slots present nude women and men posing in various ways. This might be a more exciting way of playing slots than you’re used to!