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casino bonus

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Things to know about casino bonuses

Seeing that you have come here to read about casino bonuses, I would assume that you are not just some bozo who is just starting out with online casinos. Instead, you must be someone who is already familiar with a lot of the key concepts and are just trying to find a way to get ahead. Of course, I will applaud this, because I believe that the way forward is to never stop searching for ways that could make you some extra money. Call me an opportunist or a capitalist—I do not care!

Next, I am going to write a list here about some of the things that you should know in order to make your casino bonuses count.

Number 1 — Read the bonus terms and conditions

Okay, I have seen tens of online casino sites that always emphasise this point, but still, there are a lot of newcomers who end up making the same mistakes. I guess I cannot really blame those perros, though—some people only want to play and skip reading the terms and conditions associated with casino bonuses. Even so, this is a big, big mistake that could end up costing you even thousands of pounds.

One of the most common casino bonus rules that people break is the maximum bet rule. Most casinos will cap your maximum bet at £5 per spin, which means that using bets like £10 per spin is just going to get your money nulled and voided. I can only imagine the pain you will feel when you end up winning the jackpot by using a bet that was way too high to begin with. The feeling when you heard that the casino is going to confiscate all of your winnings will no doubt stay with you for the rest of your life—and you cannot even blame anyone else but yourself!

Number 2 — Use a high bet

Even though most casinos will indeed limit your bet, it is smarter to use the maximum bet instead of a small 10p bet when you have some wagering requirements going on. This is because it can take hours upon hours to complete your wagering with a small bet, but a good old £5 hammer of a bet will smash through your wagering requirements faster than you can shout “Oh my gosh, yes!” Of course, this is if and only if you actually end up winning. There is also a good chance that you will just end up exhausting your balance quicker by using a bigger bet!

Number 3 — Hunt for great bonuses

Every online casino under the sun is going to lie to you that their casino bonus is the absolute bee’s knees. This is just marketing, though, plain and simple. Instead of believing all this garbage, make it a habit to read through all the casino bonus terms and conditions that you can find, and skip all those crappy bonuses! Serves those perros right for trying to use you!