Mexico (and tacos) in online gaming


This is me again with a very important online casino article!

I have been pretty up and honest about how much I like Mexico (and especially tacos), which is also why I decided to name my casino site Arriba Casino. Truth be told, though, it was just the first thing that came to mind and I felt like the first and the silliest ideas are oftentimes the best. It is best not to overthink names because you cannot really fail with selecting a name—nor can you succeed. The name either ends up fitting or it does not, but that is not your place to say. Or something like that.

This time I will talk about a few online casino slots that have a Mexico theme.

Taco Brothers Slot

Oh, sweet mother, yes! This popular slot from the Swedish ELK Studios is definitely my favourite online slot of all time – it almost symbolises the future of online gaming! Of course, my love for tacos might have something to do with it, but I think it is more about how funny this game is. Taco Brothers themselves, Pico, Pepe and Paso, are pretty hilarious on their own right, but it the free spins feature in this game is just freakishly good!

When you get three safes on your screen, a hand will put a bomb in front of them and an explosion will fill the screen. After a couple of seconds, the smoke will fade and reveal that one of the safes has been blown open and shows you a multiplier from 1 to 3. This multiplier will be used for your free spin wins!

During the free spins, the brothers will turn into moving wilds and take turns running across the screen. Just try to avoid the white-clad grinch who will throw the brothers in jail! Then again, if you are lucky, a beautiful señorita could come and let your moving wilds run again!

Danger! High Voltage slot

Another somewhat Mexico-themed online slot. I will not go into as much detail here, however, since the only things worth mentioning here are the taco symbols and the ridiculously good rock ‘n’ roll music heard in this slot. Other than that, this Big Time Gaming game is not really one of my favourites or even close.

Luchadora slot

Luchadora is another Mexico-themed slot, but this time from the creative and inventive folks at Thunderkick. This game does not have any tacos, but there seems to be a pretty fiery chili-theme going on at least. Also, Luchadora is about professional wrestling and lucha libre, more specifically. That is always good as I can never get enough of wrestling and sports entertainment!

The coolest thing about Luchadora is the fact that your screen is basically a wrestling ring with four corners. When any of the games different wrestler symbols land on any of the corners, they become wilds for the duration of that one spin. In essence, if you land a lot of, say, green wrestlers on your screen, you will want for a screen wrestler to land on either of the two right-side corners of your screen on reel number 5.

I could go on about Mexico slots, but I think I am done for now. Go find more yourself and PM me if you have some cool suggestions!